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Any Potential problems with this SETUP? w/PICS


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Hi, i'm a newbie reefer and so far my tank is up for about a month with the following setup:


Jebo 9 gallon tank

aquaclear 201 powerhead (filter)

Red Sea Prizm skimmer

light?? Stock


7 Pounds Live Rock

4 damsels <--- thinking about getting rid of these for a clown

1 hairy hermit

3 astrea snails

1 Purple Tubeworm

1 orange linkia starfish


I was wondering if this is a good setup please critcize any potential problem............ thanks!!

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Rid yourself of the damsels, too many for a 9g and clows or gobies are much cooler!


The starfish (linkia) are normally frowned upon for such small tanks.....they need lots of Lr to graze on...

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dood get a new lfs. fishless cycles are much safer fvor the fish and more humane. if you feel that you just HAVE to use fish to cycle a tank then do so with on fish not 4. i'm not flaming you just you lfs.

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