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lqdKaos's JBJ 28gal HQI


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A little over a year ago, I restarted reefing after a 2 year hiatus. I set up a 14gal BioCube. Here is a link to that setup http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...=170556&hl=


Over the past few months I have been drooling over the JBJ 28gal HQI setup. After setting up my 14, I originally planned to stand up a 29gal BioCube and keep it as a FOWLR. But when I saw the HQI in the LFS, I knew I had to have one. I finally got one last night. Unfortunately my LFS is closed over the holidays, so I wont be starting to cycle until they reopen and I get supplies.


But now that I have the tank, I wanted to kick off my journal.


Day 1: Picked up tank and built the stand. I still need to figure out a place in my room to put it, but I should have that figured out soon.


I have heard complaints about the stand quality. So I was a little worried. I paid 520 for the tank and stand together, so I figured why not. From seeing it in the LFS, I did not think it was too bad. I kind of like the modern look of the multiple levels and the fact that space and venting are built into it for a chiller. Its not huge, so like the tank, it would fit into my decor without standing out. That is not to say that my decorating skills are anything more than craptacular.


So I unboxed the stand (should have taken pictures). Like most "u-assemble-it" furniture, it consisted of a bunch of layers of painted pressboard drilled and cut, a bunch of plastic bags containing various pieces of hardware and a single sheet of paper containing the assembly instructions. The instructions proved to be nothing more than a series of line drawings with some letters on them.


I was able to make out what they were trying to convey for the most part. I did decide that wood glue might help make the joints a little more secure, but I am not a carpenter so I have no idea. The stand went together without a hitch. I did find that the predrilled holes for the screws seemed to be drilled a bit large. The screws seemed to go in almost too easily. But the stand seems solid enough. The aluminum cylinders that separate the cabinet from the tank platform seemed kind of flimsy, but they should hold up well enough.


My biggest complaint would probably be the paint job. It seems kind of rough. Like the wood was sanded then a shot of paint applied, then packed in the box. The edges are rough, paint seems thin and the texture uneven. If just looking at it from across the room it looks fine, but standing close, you can see the imperfections. But hopefully people will be viewing my tank and its inhabitants and not the stand.


Tonight, I have a New Years Eve party to attend, so I doubt I will be able to unpack the tank, but I might spend a little time moving the stand around to find the right spot. Tomorrow is our annual Whitewater raft the Royal Gorge trip, so again it will be delayed, but the LFS is closed til Friday anyways.


I will try my best to keep this updated with progress and pics as I go.

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