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Is the 28 gallon Nano cube HQI aquarium any good? @ 499.99


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IMO, the Aquapod 24 gallon, 150W HQI Metal Halide System is a better deal.




But the NanoCube 28HQI has it's fans also.

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its nice but the nano cube includes a tank stand and protein slimmer.

Hope they've increased the quality of the stands they build because I'd never put a tank on the ones they used to sell with the NanoCube 24.


Look at this thread:






Sounds like people go with a different skimmer than what comes with it.

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I purchased a JBJ28 at $699 CAD and that is a wicked price, I would definitely recommend it especially since it comes with the stand.


The stand is not of very good quality, but it is just asthetic problems (bad paintjob on the wood). I have no worries about its ability to hold up my tank for a couple years, however.

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$500 is pretty standard for the tank and stand. several places offer the package deal now.


the stand is not super wonderful IMO. i added some bracing to the inside and then bolted it to the wall with 1/4" steel brackets for lateral support incase of quakes or bumps.

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JBJ 28 stand is fine.

There is the possibility of heat issues so you may have to purchase a chiller.

I have JBJ 28 HQI but if purchasing again I would consider the aquapod too.

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Be careful with heat issues with this tank due to the metal halide....


ive seen someone use the feet for lights to lift the hood 4". i was considering that if heat is an issue

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