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Flatworms in a nano


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I need suggestions on how to deal with a plague of flatworms in my nano. I've tried the natural predator approach(wrasses,nudibranch,dragonette) to no avail and I'm hesitant to use Flatworm eXit in a small tank. I spent an hour siphoning flatworms on Sunday, within a few hours it didn't look as if I had done anything at all.

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turn off your lights and shine a flashlight on a spot in the tank. the flatworms will gather there after an hour or two. you can siphon many at a time that way.


have you tried a yellow coris wrasse? those are supposedly the best although sixlines and mystery wrasses have worked for me.


you can also dip in freshwater. this will kill them almost instantly but may cause die off on your LR if you choose to dip it

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I had a major flatworm outbreak as well in my nano on my desk at work. After the ice storm we had in Maine just a bit ago it lost power for about 2 days. When I came back on Monday everything was good to go less the xenia, it was in rough shape. However not a single flatworm to be seen. Not what I had really in mind for the cleansing, but poof no heat or circulation and for a couple days = no flatworms. :eek:

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