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El Fab's Simple Guide to Pico Tanks

el fabuloso

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This is great and has inspired me to setup a nano. I am up to the tank cycle this weekend. Don't think I can wait for your words I'll go it alone and then read about my mistakes and probably have to do it again the correct way.....


AC70 words.....I did a test run of the tank and filter. I did not really understand this (in red below) as I thought it was all about power failure and decided to ignore your advice. Until it happened first hand when I removed the flter. Maybe you could reword the sentance.



3. Be sure to compensate for the added water volume. An AC70 fuge can add up to half a gallon of water to your tank. In the event of a power failure or should you need to unplug the filter, all the water in the fuge will be flushed back into the display tank and can cause the tank to overflow if the water level is too high. A good way to prevent this is to fill your tank up to its maximum capacity before powering up the filter. Mark a line once the fuge is up and running and avoid topping off above that line.


In the event of a power failure about 1" of water from the filter will syphon back into the aquarium. Should you need to remove the filter and lift it off the tank all the water in the fuge will be flushed back into the display tank through the intake tube and can cause the tank to overflow if the water level is too high.





when you remove the filter, more water will flow out due to gravity. What I recommend is, removing some water from your tank, than disconnect and remove the intake tube. That way water doesn't rush through it and back into your tank when you lift the filter.

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love this thread... its AMAZING!


would the pumps/filters and what not detailed in this thread be sufficient for 7 gallon or should i use something a little more powerful?

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My Pico aquarium



Are there any good threads about "stocking" a pico? I've done some initial searches for a general guide and came up short... So far. I'll keep looking but any thread links would be wonderful.

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can you mod the AC 50 the same or similar to the AC 70?


I just did it. Seems like the screen part isn't long enough to cover the whole spill way. Other than that, its pretty much the same. The flow isn't too bad if you turn it down.

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can i see any ATO set ups... mine faild and once the pump turned off, the water from the tank got siphoned into the resovoir... making a big mess out of the tank really messing up my salinity...


i have the JBJ ATO with the maxi-jet pump...

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You have to keep the ATO tube higher than the pump and the reservoir. Keeping the ATO reservoir on the floor makes that very easy.

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What heater will fit in the aquaclear 70 "fuge" ? I don't want to have it visible in the DT, Thanks.


Also with the AC70 mod, will you still need a intank powerhead?


It's a jbj pico btw.

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