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cheap 70w halide bulb


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Depends on what you are looking for. Astralux, Current USA, and Ushio are good for 14K. XM and Ushio are good for 20K.


There are bulbs on ebay that are super cheap, but there is mixed success with them. The 20K Plusrite I bought didn't look 20K. Looked more like my Astralux.

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i have a 15k reefglow off ebay.Its not too blue and would say looks just under a 14k.I bought as backup but then liked the look and kept it.

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thanks for the info,


I had bought a 14k pulsrite from ebay prob. 2 years ago. I used it for a frag tank/ refugium on my 90 gallon. Just put it over a 15 gallon frag tank, definately time for a new bulb. Gonna make a new fixture and do the tank up, zoanthid seahorse . . Have a 12 gallon pod with rbta and pc bulbs. Gonna retro the canopy and dig the other 70w ballast out of the garage see if I can get some color back in the anenomes.Maybe give the reefglow a shot and a name brand for the zoas.

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