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heater for nano


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I have 1.25 gal nano which my gf just bought for me as chrismas gift. I just ordered 18w coralife and im getting ready to get some lived rock now. I'm wondering that should i get the heater for this nano or not. Which is the best brand for this small nano? Thanks for helping me guys...

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anything smaller than 5.5g is a pico.


yes, you should get a heater.


you should really start with a larger tank tho. 1.25g's is gonna be a pain to keep in check.

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how many watt should i get for the nano then. I used to have 10 gal before then 45gal, then i stopped for a while. Now im starting back with the nano, just for fun, i think i still remember most of things tho. thanks guys.

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