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Duncan getting stung by Hammer?


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Hi All,


My duncan has always been amongst my healthiest looking corals but this is how she has looked the last few days...yellowing or something and shriveled.


Is that hammer in the background likely the cause? If so just move her away?


Thanks all.



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Doesn't look like your typical tissue damage from coral stinging but it's possible. Euphyllia have some rather long sweepers and they look kind of close. Move the Duncan.

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+1 to moving the Duncan. They are too close to the Hammers. They puff up to at least 2 to 3 inches during the day sometimes.

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Definitely move it - at night hammers can release sweeper tentacles up to 8" or so long. Also, Euphylliads are highly allelopathic, and are probably (read: definitely) nuking your duncans. Move the duncan and add some carbon to your filter and I bet you'll see a quick improvement.

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Thanks to everyone! I've moved him to the sand and far from the hammer. There's a spot on each duncan now that "glows" as if it's been nuked.


I really love my frogspawn & hammers...hope they won't give me to much trouble. Thought I had them pretty well isolated.


I run carbon 24/7 so hopefully that will soak up some of the battle.

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