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Used 36''x18''x24'' = 65 gallons


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So i found and bought me a used tank with stand in good conditions. It measures 36''x18''x24''. Searched it online and it came out to be 65 gallons. It has two drilled holes on the back left side and right side. Do these come with a center brace on top? Because it looks like something broken from the center but maybe it was something else. The glass is thick and not cracked or anything. Will it be a problem to use it without it? Will take pics of it tomorrow and fill up to see how it holds.

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That tank should have a center brace (you don't want 65 gallons of water on your floor--speaking from experience here!). You can add one in though. I think a lot of people use acrylic so there isn't anything to block the light down the center. If you look around a bit you should be able to find DIY info. Congrats...love the dimensions of that size tank!

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