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10g upgraded to 47g column!


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So I finally decided to do a tank that's not so nano. It was a deal, i work at petsmart and this 47g column tank and stand was on sale. I ended up paying $90 for the whole thing.


Here's the deal.


The specs-


47g Column tank

Cherry Stand :)

150w sunpod

Korlia One Powerhead

Penguin HOB

???? lbs of LR





Pink Skunk clown

Yellow Clown Goby (decided my frogspawn tasted good to him)

Springers Dottyback

Yellow watchman Goby

Green Chromis (died in the switch)

Cherub Angel

Powder Blue Tang

Pearly Jawfish




Frogspawn (died)

Purple shrooms

Red monti cap

Green monti cap

Green monti digi

green zoos

red zoos


Flower aneomone


Random snails and hermits





Future plans-

(?)=not sure/maybe


Chalk bass

2 firefish

Lemonpeel Angel(?)

Blue Mandarin

Talbot Damsel(?)

6-8 Chromis

Another Pink Skunk(?)

2 True Percs- one being a misbar


Anemone host(?) Bubbletip possibly

Money cowrie(?)



Thoughts would be great since this is my first time doing a larger tank. Hope I didnt miss any thing.

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Heck yeah it is! I forget Im kinda want a talbot damsel to.


Oh I have to use a ladder to get into the tank. Took me forver to fill it up with a bucket ha. (2 gallon bucket at that)


Oh nice pikachu but i prefer ho-oh to scorch little fuzzy mouse pikamons

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OK so today I bought 46lb of LR, I dont think its enough so ill get some more.


But when i was looking at the live rock today i ended up with over a hundred bristles on my hands. I never experienced this before and its some thing i could have gone through with out..


What do you people think of the lemonpeel angel? i wanted some thing big and colorful and i like th elemon peels.

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I would stay away from the lemon peel. They can be quite aggressive. If your going to get one make sure to have plenty of fish to disperse his aggression. If you have him with only a few fish he'll pick them off one by one. IMO i would get something else. Maybe a flame angel or Philippine yellow tang.

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Ok so I am impressed by myself, Im actually satisfied with the rock work. I transfer every thing over into my tank already and I lost the chromis. Evry thing else is doing fine but ill keep a eye on them all when its cycling.


Picture will be coming as soon as it clears up.


Oh but the lemonpeel is so cooooool.


I figured out the fish list and im going to edit the top post to what i want.

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Ok I want a largish fish for this tank, my only ideas have been the lemonpeel and a kole tang. I dont want the lemonpeel so much cuz Im afraid of their taste for corals but I really like how they look.


any ideas any one?

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I don't know what all you like. But if you want something big and colorful i think of an emperor angel. But if you can get your hands on a chevron tang there beautiful.


And i just ran across a lemonpeel mimic tang. Maybe an easy medium?




I swear im not obsessed with tangs.. But they are bad ass.

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damn bro... Well worth the wait!


Looks great!!!


Thanks :) now all I need is some help on picking fish. preferably ones that one develop a taste for corals. My cherub was picking at my feather duster he better have just been cleaning it or he'll turn into food for some thing else!

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pfffffft fine if no one makes any good suggestions on a largish fish choice for my tank ill put a yellow tang in there to punish you all.

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