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Help me pick next all in one.


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I'm trying to decide which tank to go with for my upgrade. It's down to either the RSM(used) or the JBJ 28G HQI. WHich would you go with and why?

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I would put my vote in for the JBJ 28HQI but for the price of the aquapod and sunpod listed above, that is a no brainer. At equal pricing between the three, I would definitely cast my vote for JBJ28. RSM is way overpriced and JBJ is a better system overall than the other two in my opinion. They all have their strong and weak points though, so usually in tough decisions like that for me, it comes down to price.

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i have both, and personally it comes down to looks and moding (see my links in sig)


the jbj is really nice in its own ways (lights, minimal mods)


but the rsm has a overall better look and feels more like furniture rather than a aquarium in your home, sure the lights could be stronger, but people are still keeping sps and clams with great success. and the chamber setup is quiet odd, but other than that i love it

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