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Bare Bottom tanks


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Currently, after moving I have been running my tank BB. 29g aga. Kinda want to introduce sand but not sure the best way and what kind. As my system is established, I really do not know the best way to go about it. I remeber some who suggesting using a tube to fill the botttom as to not cause a major dust storm. Has anyone put sand in a established BB tank and how did you do it?

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Dont use "live" sand as it will cause a minni cycle. Use some dead aragonite and put it in a bucket and run tapwater in the bucket, letting the water run over. Use your hand to swirl the sand around, digging all the way down to the bottom. Let this go on for as long as it takes for the water to run clear. Should take about 20 min or so. Drain it well and use a cup to scoop it and lower it to the bottom of the tank and dump it.

This worked well for me!

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When I needed to add a few more pounds of sand I tossed the bag in a 16 gallon tuppaware bin and added about 1/3 of the area in sand to water and worked it like some bread, turning over the sand for about 5 minutes with RO/DI water, draining and rinsing, and repeated the cycle 5 times. It took about half an hour to do, but when I slowly added the sand it caused no dust cloud or murky water! Yes, use dead aragonite or white marine sand, the live stuff will definitely cause a cycle like Mpatzer said.

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