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acrylic or plexiglass


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I want to build my own fuge but am having trouble finding acrylic to work with, I can however get plexiglass. Would this be plausable or should i just buy a prebuilt fuge.



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Plexiglas® is a trademark of the Atoglas division of Atofina Chemicals and is simply brand name for acrylic. It's kind of like all tissues being called Kleenex®.


Acrylic isn't difficult to work with but you do need the right tools. If you don't have the right tools don't attempt it. But if you have the needed tools or need an excuse to buy some and you're kind of handy then go for it.


Here's some instructions on how to work acrylic in a PDF: http://www.tapplastics.com/...working_acrylite.pdf

(Acrylite® is a trademark of American Cynamid Co, another brand name of acrylic.)


It does take some time to get it to come out looking nice. If you don't want to be bothered then just buy one or have a plastics shop make you one. I didn't buy one since I couldn't find anything that suited my needs so I decided to roll my own. I could have had the plastics shop do it but they would have robbed me on the labor and materials.


3/16" sheet material is probably the easiest to work with but 1/4" is okay too, don't go thicker than that. I used 1/4" since that's all Home Depot had.


I just finished building my fuge for my new nano last week. Cost me $30 in materials for the fuge itself (already had all the tools). A little work left to do on the cover for the fuge but otherwise my new fuge is done. I filled it with water and no leaks.

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Thanks Matt.

Exactly correct wetworx, except I used the generic brand the local plastics store sold for the thin cement: TAP Acrylic Cement. It was probably the equivalent of Weld-On 4 since it took an hour before the stuff set enough to continue working the material.

I used the smallest hypo-type applicator they sold to deliver it.


For the couple places what did need filling I did use the thickened version which i think was

Weld-On 16 Cement


If I could have found a fuge that did everything I wanted I would have purchased a premade one but none existed that did what I wanted.

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