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My corals still haven't opened


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It really depends on what they are. You can expect anywhere from a couple of minutes to two weeks depending on what species and how pissed off it is. A reasonable guestimation is 1-3 hours.

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What type of lighting?

How did you acclimate them?



From my experience if they look like a hotdog they are just pissed,

If they look kinda slinky or like they are melting they are toast.....

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Hmm lets see

There under the 36W dual satellite 12" fixture in a 3G pico

I temp acclimated them and dropped them in.The water they were in was horrible so i tested the salinity and mine was the same so i added.I could get pics but it wouldn't show anything.Now when you say they look like a hotdog what do you mean?

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I would watch them for at least 1 week before making any rash decisions regardless.

Unless they get really nasty. I have had some looking pretty bad and they came back.

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those are picks of my paly's it's ok zoa's are more stubby they where the closest thing to the glass in my tank. Your's should look more like the one's in the bottom right corner of the first pic. the ones at the top are the bad ones. melting and spewing out.

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Ok looks like there might still be hope for them then.Though one thing i noticed is they all seem to be detaching from the frag which doesn't seem good

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I have had some freshly fraged zoo's slime off the superglue on me.

I would just leave them alone and let them heal. It might be a good idea to put them in a lower flow area for a bit. If they come unattached get some superglue gel and re-glue it. StevieT has a good sticky on how to do this.

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I would not be where I am today with my tank without NR....

There's a ton of good info here and just a bit of BS.


Just don't let anyone tell you to piss in your tank to start the cycle :lol:

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I bought a rock and being a noob I didnt know any better they didnt open up for like two weeks. I then posted some pics and found out they had hydroids... I removed the hydroids and then a week later they still popped out. I was suprised they came out of it but they did. here is a link to a pic when they were in they were in their worst. and in my sig is what they look like now...before

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Let me know how that works for you. I got some cool Zoo's i'm getting ready to frag up cause they are growing like weeds. I will send you a few polyps.



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just PM me in a few weeks.. hopefully we will have better weather to ship in and I let all my frags sit for a few weeks and heal before I get rid of them. I hope to frag them up this coming weekend. You pay the shipping I will give you the coral.


How long has your tank been up?

What's your setup?


You need to start a tank journal :rolleyes:

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Right now i have a little 3G pico and i just set it up about 2 months ago after cycling i added these corals.I plan on buying an ADA 60P (roughly 17G)with T5HO.I plan on keeping a single Clownfish.Though i have been doing freshwater for almost a year.Do you have a freshwater tank?You can see the beginning of that tank here.




LOL reefing is addicting!


Oops please look at the new link.I posted my smaller tank.This is the big tank.I started this one awhile ago but i haven't updated in awhile

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