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mantis transportation


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how do you think I should transport a mantis? it is going about 227.16 miles (ha About)..it will be in the front seat with me so heat is not an option though i am going to walmart to get a heat pack just in case.. is tupperware an option? should i leave a certain ration of air to water? an rock or just mantis? any help is greatly appreciated..

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Bring it to your LFS with a bunch of your water and have them bag him up for you. Then transport it inside a styrofome cooler. Let them know how far you are going and they should bag it in a large bag with a lot of pure oxygen. It's common for LS to get shipped long distances and that's probably your best bet.


When I moved my tank 200 miles I converted a 50 gallon cooler into a tank and ran pumps and heater off of a power inverter in the car. You could do something like that on a smaller scale as well.

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