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Who got a new tank for Christmas or channukka?


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Just curious how many people loved ones gave them the gift of a new bowl to throw money into? I didn't actuly get a tank. Just the money I need to buy a new one. I will almost definitely be upgrading my AP12 to a solana when I get back to school.

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^ My vote is yes!


I got a $100 gift card to an LFS.... hmmm, what to get..

I hinted to the gf for one of those repeatedly.


But she always tries to get me something I don't expect.

This year she got me a new chair for my desk , and a power screwdriver tool set.

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sounds like some awesome stuff. im really excited to get back to my house in florida and upgrade to a larger tank. wish i could afford to just start a new tank and keep the one i have but thats definitly not in the books. nor is it really possible since i live in a rented house and ill prolly be outa there in a year and a half. gettin a 34 gallon is prolly not the smartest thing in the world but im so tired of only having 12. everyone is right you really should start witha bigger tank than you think you should or than you can even really afford because you will end up going bigger at some point.



coal or carbon for the tank. i think there might be a little bit of a difference.

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well i guess you shouldnt get them a reef tank then.. i thought it was pretty much impossible to kill those things. i still havent figured out the point of the blue water, other thank just looks

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well i guess you shouldnt get them a reef tank then.. i thought it was pretty much impossible to kill those things.

Right? I've never had a betta jump out of a tank before.

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I am thinking of buying a frag and not telling my wife....it is my "she's carrying my first born" gift to myself :)


i love it... shes getting fat and your buying frags... what could be better.

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Militant Jurist

If gifts to self count, then this definitely should: The Christmas cash I got will be repaying me for the T5HO, and the coral frags that are chilling with my 10g until the 20L is ready!

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that counts for me. im using the cash i got to get my new tank. so its no different if you already bought the stuff before you got the money as long as you dont go by more. which if it were me i would do. that hobby is like an F***ing heroine addiction. its the best and worst thing i ever started.

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I bought myself a Nanowave 9. Does that count?




my pops also bought himself the nanowave 9...will look forward to watching your thread about that tank.

my dad is just venturing into reefing so will enjoy seeing those grow.

let me know how you like it. i got a biocube 8 for christmas but LOVE the fact that the nanowave has a fuge light already built into the hood. had i known about that one in time. i would have alerted the elves at the North pole to change my order...

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