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Quiet Skimmer

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I'm going to be purchasing a skimmer for my 40br soon (within the next day or so), and I need to know what is a good skimmer, and is quiet. I don't want to spend more than $150, but will if I have to. The tank is also in my bedroom, and will not have a sump, so it either needs to be hob or in-tank.


I've been looking at the Tunze 9002. Is this good?

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9002 is pretty quiet.



and also too small.


I just started using one of these on my 40g about a week ago. I'm VERY happy with it so far. I bought mine used, but it would be worth every penny for a new one.


Oops, I just noticed you're looking for a HOB. check out the warner marine HOBs, people seem to be happy with those.

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I have an aqua c in my tank


it is in my room


and it is quiet enough to go to sleep with it on


not to mention it is a SICK skimmer

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warner marine is about 100 more then he wants to spend. Aqua C's are a little louder then others but in your price range. Id check out the octopus HoBs if you want a quality skimmer in your range.

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