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Lighting Question


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This is a great discussion board. I am planning on starting my Nano very soon and am wondering which lights to use. I have used the PC's on a larger tank for several years. They were ok but they were not great. I am thinking about VHO and just making my own hood. I am going to use a 20 long for my Nano. It sure is temting just to buy a CustomSealife PC and be done with it. What do you all think? PC , VHO, or MH?


Thanks in Advance



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Well, you should be able to form your own opinion on the PC's since you have them now. Everyone says go MH if you got the dough and can handle heat problems. IMHO, I say that the Coralife 96W PC which can be had for ~$100 from HelloLights.com will have the nads to do what you want.

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