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please help, i am new.....


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i dont? It said i did in the supplies need for a nano reef......



any idea how much the above i listed will cost?

'Live' sand usually isn't very live, and when you use live rock, the rock will seed the sand with the beneficial critters.


Depends on where you buy everything from!

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IMO, you need to have $350 to 500 to play with before starting. this hobby is not cheap. When starting a new tank, I often reflect that for the price of what I am about to start, I could purchase a new mid range PC (personal computer)....if you can I'd recommend a credit card.....just so you buy the stuff you need, and not worry.....you gotta get the right stuff the first time, skimping will often force you to buy it twice, the wrong thing, then later on the thing you shoulda bought originally...


Im not trying to be some elitist d___k...thats just the facts. its a far cry from a betta tank or Abraham the goldfish.


you can buy non live sand and have your live rock seed it....or you could go bare bottom, although some find that look to be unattractive....do some reasearch and see which you prefer.


also, you say it isnt very hard....in some ways its very easy....in other ways, it is very hard. it can be difficult to fight your own urges, to just say F it and do something with out thinking it out. In other hobbies, you can mess up and it can be fixed, here errors can be really really bad....disaster happens in a flash....and disaster happens just when you get cocky enough to think you know what you are doing before you acutally do.


its very easy to flush hundreds away in hours if your not careful....you gotta put in work...respect the fact that you are likely a perpetual noob, and understand the need for patience and pacing.

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buy dead sand, such as aragonite sand (not crushed coral), and then get a few cupfuls of "seeder" sand from your LFS or a local reefer's tank.

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