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What is my Yuma doing?


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Picked up this piece from a LFS a few weeks ago, there are 4 Yuma's on it (nice orange florescence) all 4 were growing in gaps in the rock so their feet are rather elongated. One had a bright yellow spot on one of the feet that now seems to be growing.



The foot seems to be thinning out and the yellow spot seems to be growing tentacles? Is it splitting/moving



Sorry the troecus jumped in front just as I was taking the shot :lol:



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it is splitting, I bought 1 and 8 months later it was 9

they move and leave little pieces behind which later turn into small ones


it looks closed up a little though, is it getting enough light and flow?

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It actually is behind the snail, goes down the rock and up another rock (so about the size of a golf ball), the smaller one in the photo just had a hermit wander over it so its not too happy, the other 2 are even smaller but already seem to be spreading out.




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