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my 20H with sump tank


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Nothing special...I would have to say the only reason I setup another tank was the cheap price I got that Hellolight T5HO light for









Now with some rock aquascaping





I am going to get more rock to build up the other side like the right. So it looks like there are 2 rock mountains..Plus going to get more sand as well. I only plan on having a pair of True Percs and a Blue Dot Jawfish for the fish side of things.

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That was a screaming deal on the lights... If it wasn't for Christmas I'd of grabbed one for sure - just to much other stuff going on... let us know how you like it.

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its a really nice light I think..I am going to be changing the bulbs in the next few weeks.

I am going to run

ATI blue+

ATI Aquablue Special 12000

Stock 10k

ATI Blue+

That should give me some good par and a nice bluer look I think


Going to be ordering 2 Koralia #1 soon for my flow

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I would have to say the only reason I setup another tank was the cheap price I got that Hellolight T5HO light for

Whatever reason works. :D

I'll be watching this thread, I know there will be great pics!

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Very slick, Ive got the same light for my 25g but with Guiesmann bulbs and a fiji pink.Are you running the steel braided hanging lines? Like from the kit.I don't know how to set it up,for I do not have the instructions. Would you happen to have any pics of the hanger setup or and advise for putting it together?

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nope..I am using steel braided line from home depot thats .25cent a foot and some wire clamps to make the loops. Probably about 6bucks for my hanging kit



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Thanks for posting pictures of your "hanging kit" - that's my plan as well. I bought the same light, getting it hopefully end of this week. Mine is going over a 20H as well, with a 15g sump.

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Noice 20h! looks better than mine already :mellow: Are you using a 10G for a sump? I want to get one of those fixtures. Would it be a downgrade from a 175w SE MH?

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Would you happen to have some pics of how you attached the light to the line? What kind of clip did you use?



Good luck with moving the tank, be patient.

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the light came with line attached to it..that loop on the black line I have my wire connected to comes pre attached to the light

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