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Fish that dont hide and will work in a 24gal AP.


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I am looking to add some fish in the next couple weeks. Tank is empty minus the CUC and has been up for 4 weeks.


I hate fish that hide all the time cant stand it! But I am not a big fan of fish that just beg like puppy and dont show any kind of normal behaviour when I am in the room.


What are some fish to avoid as they hide too much.


I was thinking about getting gobies (clown, watchman, orange spot, court jester goby) and maybe a fire fish or Harptail Blenny or a Harptail Blenny but might eat my shrimp then maybe a sixline last so it wont pick on the others...but will see. I thought about a royal gramma but heard they can hide etc at times. I also thought about clowns but I heard they more fun to watch as a pair but seems everyone has one.

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Most of the fish you mention actually probably hide more than a royal gramma, so you may want to keep the gramma on your list. Firefish are generally kind of spooky and hide a lot until they get used to you. Court Jester/Rainfords gobies are a bit timid and can also be hard to feed. I think they need a larger tank to sustain them. Mine is in a 60 gallon and doesn't eat anything I feed him though I see him sifting through the sand and picking at the rocks all the time. You might want to think about a tailspot or bicolor blenny. They're out all the time and they're full of personality. A cardinal such as a pajama or bangaii may be a nice addition. Clowns are tons of fun to watch as a pair but they will probably do a lot of begging for food while you're close to the tank.

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I would get a small African Midas Blenny.


Clowns are great... the personality varies though. Royal Grammas are shy fish. I totally hear you on the swimming around though.

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firefish or dartfish, yellow/blue assesor, yellow-tailed damsel (you want Chrysiptera parasema), almost all gobies that will be out but not swimming a lot.

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I've heard that if you get fire fish to get 2. They will be muchmore visable. My favorite is still the 6 line. They are adventurous and curious. I can spend hours watching mine float in and out of the rocks.

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Just throw in a half dozen damsel varieties. That will be a busy tank :lol: Most saltwater fish will tend to hide until they a comfortable in their home.



I guess it would be like my african cichlids, but with coral!!! :D

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