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DIY Acrylic T5HO Canopy


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just throwing ideas out...i currently have fishneedit lights on my tank.the tank is topless and had a few jumpers before. right now i have a piece of acrylic with holes drilled to cover up the top of the tank. im not really thrilled about the look of the lights, lack of individual reflectors and the extreme bowing of the extruded acrylic cover i made.


so i want to make a canopy that would stop fish from jumping, individual reflectors and a sleek package. heres a extremely crude drawing of my idea i did in about 5 mins.




anyone made something similar before? gonna use cheap extruded acrylic and want to know what the heat will do to the acrylic. i will have fans do a push pull on the lights.

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yeah i figured...i might switch it out to aluminum if i can find aluminum stock and for cheap enough


That's what I did, check my tank in sig.

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Just goto a local tinknocker my buddy has a shop not far from where I am and they can bend weld or whatever the hell ya need in those shops. They wont charge you much if you walk in the door with the metal and tell them what ya want. Alot of the time time they have nice scraps around as well for various odd jobs. Also Ive got some really nice stainless sheets from a sheetmetal shops for backsplashes in kitchens and stuff.

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It would be pricey, but if you went with thick acrylic and good cooling you could do some really cool stuff with acrylic. It would allow you lay some tape over the back in the form of some design or another and spray the rest black. Peeling the tape off would allow the light to come through only the taped off area and give you some back lit coolness. You could also spray light coats of color to color the backlit areas or use a sandblaster and etch designs into it. I bet youd need 1/2" or bigger though...and that ###### is EXPENSIVE

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