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150w HQI in Stock biocube29 hood Cheap!


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so i decided to just bite the bullet and see if i could mod my biocube29 hood and fit in a mh in there to keep the sleek look. It was surprisingly alot eaiser than i thought it would be. All i did was gut the stock hood and put in the retro. I got the 150w HQI retro from Hellolights.com and the upgraded SilentX fans from nanotuners (soooo quiet, quieter than stock!). Also i upgraded my fans and have no heat issues at all only about a 1 degree increase. Oh yea i also put a fan blowing across the hqi bulb to it wouldnt get hot. Well enough typing on to the pictures.






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^ because i have had multiple people pm me and i wanted to share the info, I created the threads in the appropriate sub forums so people could find the info easy.

If anyone has any questions or wants specific pictures just ask ill post um up

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