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10g with 10g sump questions


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what would be needed to convert a 10g with hob refuge into a 10 g with a 10g sump?

i was thinking mayby a duel stack stand with the 2 10 g's.


what size bulkheads would i need as well as what size of return pump. I would im assuming build a corner overflow. I have a horillia nano that i could use too if i wanted. I was thinking the main tank would be reef (its set up- i just want better filtration for it) and have a sump with a refuge and mayby keep a mantis shimp in it. Would a mantis add more of a bioload then the sump would remove or would it still be an effective filter?


The design of the sump would be first chamber would be lr / bio media and some mech. then a buble trap, a refuge then return pump.


How big of a light would be needed on the refuge i have a tom light that can house a 7, 9, or 13 watt bulb that i could use.


Any pics of setup would be helpful

Would i be able to find a diamond coated (or whatever it is called) drill bit at something like homedepot im assuming? For piping, would plastic pvc tubing work or would flxible hose like tubing be better. I would prefer pvc tubing becasaue i think it looks better, however i have heard some peopel talk about it beign a pain to assemble and a hassle to clean. Which would be better? What measures can i take to prevent the sumnp from overflowing. One thign i know is drill hole in intake just under waterline, but what other thigns could i do?

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This was my 10g sump design. You wouldn't really need the skimmer so that would add space to the refugium. You can see the finished product in my 25g build thread. After taking the advice of other members I switched the position of the baffles.


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what about doing like a sump and having the first baffle to the top rim of the tank so the water goes under then using eggcrate and making a platform to hold somethign like lr or bioballs? then having that water flow into a refuge then through a bubble trap then to the return pump? Would i be able to keep a mechanical sponge in the bubble trap so that the mantis (if i keep one) cant get to the return pump?

would the first chamber be usefull of would a larger refugium be a better option (so mayby like a 1 gal section just for the intake and a initial filter sock then a baffle for overflow into a refugium


have you made it yet? What do you use to cut the glass (or acrilic)? just a wheel cutter or is somethign else better. The one thing im not sure about is cutting baffles. I could cut them but they would look like crap Would i be able to cut then into a rectangle then just attach a peice of eggcrate to the top or something?

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