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Cadlights 39g Signature Series


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Hello all,


I just received my Cadlights tank yesterday from UPS. I was hoping I would escape the shipping nightmares but nope, i fell victim to UPS and the fine weather we've been having in the Pacific NW.


The base of the cabinet came a little damaged and scratched but I don't think i'm sending that back.


Here's how the boxes came.




The light was damaged upon arrival (super bummed about this). However, is the light needed during cycle? If not I can start while they ship me another one.




It looks like people are recommending dumping the bioballs and adding LR to the chamber instead.




In the instructions it says to put the uv sterilizer under the skimmer (is it recommended to do this or dump the sterilizer as well)?


I'm headed to the fish store today, snow and all.


Thanks for any advice and it's great to be part of such a cool community!

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