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Light - Algae growth question


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My experience has always been freshwater tanks - and I've always had some mild level of algae growth in my tanks - that I controlled with a plecostamus - and gravel vacuuming to stir things up weekly.


With a SW tank - I don't want to have algae in the sands once I get through the algae booms. Will higher intensity lighting cause more algae in the sand?


I fully expect coraline on the glass that I'll have to scrape off and rocks but what about keeping the sand clear and white. Will a higher intensity ligt cause problems - or will I have to lower my photo time period.


I'd like ot have a 12 hour light cycle - so I can enjoy my SW tank as much as I do my freshwater tanks.



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(true) algae will not grow on sand if your nutrient levels are in check. Lighting is not going to make much difference except to help the algae growth if the excess nutrients are there.


What lighting do you have? While having fluorescents allows you to turn off some of the bulbs, having a MH on for 12 hours is kind of long.

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I purchased the 24" T5 HO light fixture from Hello lights clearance sale.


The 4 bulbs are on 1 switch - so I don't have the option of staging the light cycle on / off.

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