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Lighting on a 7 gallon AGA bowfront

E36 328i

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I picked up an AGA 7 Gallon Bowfront the other night for a really decent price (been looking for one of these things for awhile). Now I am considering lighting options for this tank, since I already have the plumbing panned out (oncoming newbie sump questions to equipment forum!)


Since the tank is ~16.5" long I am considering the following lighting options:


  • 18" Nova Extreme SLR T-5 (40w)
  • 70w JBJ Viper Clamp-on
  • 16.5" 70w Sunpod (if I can find one)

Anyone else have any other comparable options for the tank? Would the nova compare at all to the HQIs? Would a 150w Viper be too much light for the tank?



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