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My palys were doing well until yesterday when I noticed that one of the palys has very small,white ,traingled shaped things on them.(about 4 in all).The triangled things are emedded into the paly.The afflicted paly is bent over and seems to be breaking away from its base.I was wondering can you freshwater dip palys? I'm unable to take a pic of the palys because my camera isn't working. Thanks,Cil

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I have no idea what that could be. Are you sure they aren't snails? Have a picture?


I wished I could take a pic but my camera isn't working. It almost looks like sand particles in a way.I do have some very small snails with white and brown shells but I don't believe that is what is on the paly The small snails that are in my tank are so small you could probably fit 3 of them on the top of an eraser on a pencil ..thanks

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