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Fast moving worm


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In the process of trying to catch this HUGE hairy crab we found inside one of the pieces of live rock last night, I caught something else. I woke this morning with my newly added nassarius snail and two of these worms inside the trap.


I was wondering if they were safe to add back in.


The worm is about 3/4 inch long with a pink line running down the body with clear sides. The sides of the body are covered with its legs that it uses to swim around. The legs move in waves, kind of like a centipede. It mainly moves around slowly, but if disturbed it will move around rather quickly. It has a very distinguishable face with two eyes and a mouth.


Its kind of funny a caught him as just that night I saw it emerge from a crevice, prop up on its tail end, and let go of a small yellow item from its mouth, which I can only guess was an egg sac.



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