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spider looking thing


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Looks like some sort of miniature starfish. If it is, most likely it's reef safe. I got a piece of LR a month ago crawling with tiny whitish looking stars and they've since multiplied and seem to be doing fine.


On the other hand I would say better safe than sorry... If you are suspicious it is probably for good reason...


Some other questions you may want to ask are:

1) Where did you find it?

2) How does it move?

3) What does it look like under a magnifying glass?

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not a starfish has 8 legs, it moves like a daddy long leg would move and i found it creeping around on a piece of live rock, it doesnt look like any of the starfish i have come across...


i dont have a magnifying glass so i cant answer # 3

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Sea Spider. If you have a fuge, give it a home. It's debatable, for me, on keep or toss. Do so research. Though I do have to say, larger ones TOTALLY FREAK ME OUT!

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zoanthid eating spiders are sea spiders. They are very dangerous because, like terrestrial spiders, they can only eat soft things, like corals.

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They are but we reefers always have some way to differentiate these things and saying one is a sea spider and one is a zoa eating spider works.


"those with short legs that are often predatory or ectoparasitic on animals such as hydroids and corals, and those with long legs which are often predatory on other animals" -Ron Shimek

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