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i found a hidden mushroom!


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i was killin an aptasia today, and one of my frags on a rock fell down, underneath was a small red mushroom. bout a 1/8" to 1/4" in size. i would like to place it out in the open. is it too small to remove without killing it? thanx!

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I wouldn't try cutting it from the rock just yet but it's fine to move whatever it's attached to. Sounds like it's been in a shady spot so just get it used to the brighter light gradually and you should be ok.

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I love finding rogue mushrooms, it's amazing to see where they crop up sometimes. I would let it get a little bigger so it's easier to move. It could also very well move on its own.

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isnt it random how aptasia just show up in your tank, i found one and it was big. and i love finding new things in my tank, just recently, i flipped over my GSP and found a coco worm underneath it.

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haha, mario party six...




ya aptasias a b**ch!! everyweek i keep finding n killin em!! i know theres a hidden one somewhere reproducing asll them, just cant get to it wherever it is!


and finding hidden stuff(godd stuff) is awesome!

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