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alternative pumps in bc14


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So it seems as though the consensus is that the mj900 is a great replacement pump to replace the stock pump with. Several have mentioned the 1200 puts out too much heat.


My question is that since I’m pretty sure I’ll end up adding a heater at some point, what’s the big deal with some added heat? Granted I’m a newbie wannabee (feels like I know less than a newb lol), but if I use loc-line with a splitter so that I have 2 outputs I’d get better flow and the incremental heat would actually be beneficial.


Am I missing something? Thx.

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The concern with temps is of with lighting and other accessories often times folks stuggle with keeping the temps down. Many as they upgrade lighting will start Bering temps in low to mid 80s. So then becomes an art of reducing heat generating accessories. Not to worry until you start adding metal halides and the likes

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Im actually looking at doing the same exact thing with the Y and two loc-lines. I have them already, I just need a pump. I am also wondering if I should go with the 1200, but I looked at the 900 compared to the stock pump flow rates: 900 is at 230gph where stock is 137gph. I would say that a 93gph difference is substantial. Plus with a Koralia Nano, that would be more than enough.



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Yeah, that 93 is substantial. I'm not using a koralia though, which is why I'm going 1200. That locline stuff is frustrating to work with. Can't tell you how long I spent forcing the locline onto the section that comes through the back from the pump. Seems to be a different taper, but I finally got it on. If I take it apart ever, I'll probably use some good epoxy on it to keep it together permanently so I don't have to mess with it again.

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good luck with the 1200.You will have nice 85 temps when summer comes around.Mine was fine when in cold basement but when i moved it in different area and summer came around it was like 85-86 and i tore it out.the 900 only flows a little less so why not use that??????????add a koralia nano on other side and you will be set.

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