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WA Aquarium clubs


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i know that, but I want to know if anyone on here is in one? if my topic needs to be moved, please do so


Edit: just checked the hobby threads, and none in WA. so who here is in one from WA?

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why dont we all join this one?

This one seems good, plus you get discounts at LFS



Then we could all get together and meet

I'm dying to have some reef friends

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Check this forum out. Tons of people from our neck of the woods!


Also, this forum just started up not that long ago...


I've been on RF/reeffrontieres for about 8 months now and have been thinking about joining the PSAS.


I have met a couple of the members and even been to see/buy frags from a few of there systems.


Realy cool people that help out us puget sounders with a local touch. ;) So much better than shipping.

I know they have bbq's and frag swapmeats ect..


there's a place on RF further down the forum list that's called the club forum where you can get a feel for the members before you decide to join.

Hope this helps! :)

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