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I recently made a purchase from fantasticfrags. it's a southern california owned online shop.


The main reason why I choose it, was the cheap shipping price ($8 priority mail shipping which got to me next day, since I don't live that far away).


The prices for coral is fantastic and the customer service was great. 6 stars / 5 in this category.


Was it everything I imaginged? Where they comparable to the pictures? Yes and No. The pieces of frag were great, more polyps then I thought I would receive. They come on frag tiles. Some looked as expected, some didn't look like it at all. 4 stars / 5 stars


How was the packaging? it was ok but not great, well packaged in a styrofoam bag. bags were zipped tied, but it did not come with a heat pack. My first shipment, 3/6 frags didnt survive and the water felt really cold. Guess it didnt help that it arrived at 7:50am (20 minutes after I left for work) and I didnt get home till 5pm.

Shipper sent me some new frags (w/no heat pack. I probably should of asked), and one of the bag looked really low on water (maybe a leak? not to sure.) But everything survived and opened up nicely. 4 stars / 5 stars



Since this was my first online transaction ever, I give it an overall 4.5 stars. Makes me wonder if a heat pack was include, if the first 3 would survive.


If you do plan on ordering from this vendor, I would suggest asking if they ship with a heat pack.



Am I complaining? Hell no! for the deal I got, I cannot complain. Seller responded very quick and the selection is big. I will definately be doing more business with this vendor

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