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Ebay T5 Fixtures


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I shot the vendor a slew of questions, we'll see how they respond. I was also eyeing their 8x24w retro; I'm suspicious the dimensions on the 8x24w fixture are posted wrong... listed as 9" wide - same as their 6x24w. If I had to guess, I'd say it's more in line with width of the retro at 13" wide.

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I'm also concerned about the ballast, it does look like a carbon copy of Catalina's stuff who I believe have a decent reputation, though.

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Figured I'd throw up a reply that I got from RC regarding the fixtures in case anyone's interested.


I just bought one of their fixtures a few weeks ago. Pretty good quality from what I can tell, but I will say this about them:


1. Communication is not the strong suit of the company. They told me my fixture was shipped on one day via USPS and then it showed up FedEx 8 days later. They did give me 3 extra bulbs for the hassle though.


2. Speaking of bulbs, I'm no expert, but these don't appear to be of very good quality. I fired the light and immediately could see that two of my 4 10K bulbs were clearly not as bright as the others. I ended up having to trade them out anyway (see below).


3. The fixture is made well, with good materials. Hell, I dropped the business end of mine INTO the water and all it did was blow a couple of the crappy bulbs! I will say that the reflectors are NOT individual. They are about as close as you can get though, with one piece of metal contoured into troughs. I can't see how separate reflectors would do any better than these.


4. Lastly, it's a bit of a pain to change the bulbs. They are not the twist in kind, but feature plugs that are a bit tight at first. You're looking at a retro kit, so it's obviously different, but they don't leave a lot of room to slide out the bulb and get to the plug. If one was going to do a multi-bulb change or do lots of rearranging, it's easier to take one of the endcaps off.


I paid $229 for a 6X54W with lunars, and I feel like I got my money's worth and then some.


I'm curious if anyone has any insight into the effectiveness of troughs vs true individual reflector effectiveness?

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