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ajlaman's JBJ 6gallon nano-cube


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Hi all,

I recently decided to take one more step towards going to college in a year in a half and decided to get a tank small enough to be allowed in dorms. I hope this sucker is small enough. I stripped down most of my 20 gallon Long and put it in the cube. Its a jbj 6gallon nano with stock lighting and nothing particularly special about it. All I have to say is that it seems totally worth the deal. especially since I ordered it from hellolights on black friday with their sale and it was only $69.99. I'll just go through what it came with real quickly...


1)6 gallon viewing area with rounded corners

2) 18w 50/50 PC

3) (2) 3/4w moonlight LEDs

4) modular surface skimmer

5) 4 stage filtration system

6) 106 gph pump

7) 2 cooling fans


Here's what I have in there


1) 12-14lbs of LR and 8lbs of live sand

2) molly miller blenny

3)porcelain crab

4) pepperment shrimp

5) montipora cap

6) green zoos

7) 3 kenya trees

8) green button polyps

9) an assortment of mushrooms (green, purple, red, flourescent green)

10) xenia, doesn't seem to be adjusting well. took a really bad decline the past wek but today it still looks gross but doesn't look like it got any worse for a change. maybe it will recover.


I'm debtating whether or not to eventually put my 6 line wrasse in there. he probably won't like such a small tank.


anyways heres some pics, i'll keep you updated on how it goes and everything.

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well he didnt in the last tank. i dont think hes a problem. i think the problem with the xenia is the 6 degree temp fluctuation every day, but i may be wrong (78-84)

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