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whitch all in one i better


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ok i had my mind set on a RSM but now its coming down to $$$$$ so withc is better RSM nano cube biocube money wise like i dont no i cant decide PLEASE HELP its just the price now cuz i can do a bio cueb for the price of the RSM tank only and i can do most of a nano cube for the price of a RSM pleas help

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I wouldn't recommend either. RSM tanks are way too overpriced imo, and I just don't like the quality of the Bio Cube tanks.. For a bit more than the biocube 29, you can get (as previously mentioned) a JBJ 28G HQI which is what I recently purchased. Very high quality product, extremely modable and at a great price too.


I wouldn't call the RSM or Biocube tanks particularly bad, but I think its a no brainer going with a JBJ 28 versus those tanks unless you can get either of them at a great price. However, everyone has their opinions and each tank has their own benefits over the others. I feel the JBJ28 is pretty much as good as you can get in an AIO, and its minor setbacks can easily be remidied with all necesary mods and add-ons for the same price of the stock RSM unit.


Also, if your decision is coming down to price, you can get a JBJ28 HQI at a savings of ~$300 versus the RSM tank, which can buy you the actinics retro add-on, most required supplies, and even another protein skimmer

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