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frogspawn placement help


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i have a frogspawn that i am placing the sand. i am putting a rock underneath it so it has a solid place to sit, but it keeps falling down to the point pictured below.







does anyone know how to keep it up? or if there is a better place for it?

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and i apologize i know that the pics are horrible but i only have my camera phone for now. also, it is okay the way that it is laying? do i even need to adjust it or am i just upsetting the tank by messing with it so much?

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not sure if the sand will affect it. the sand might just pi$$ it off. most every frogspawn ive seen including mine has been mounted to the rocks.

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well i am trying to find a good spot for it on the rocks (i kinda cleared a lot of room to put it where it is so it wouldn't sting) but i'd prefer the sand.


if you think that the rocks is a better idea, or just that the sand will be too much for it, how would you recommend getting it to stay on the rocks? (sorry as you can tell i'm new to this lol)

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ive never needed to use anything more than superglue gel but most people use an aquarium safe underwater epoxy (like aquamend) and most of those people use superglue in combination with it. im sure there might be a thread or two on how to do that. as far as stinging goes just make sure there isnt a current pointing directly at it and the tentacle spread should be kept to a minimum. also by the pictures it looks a little mad. (yeah possibly from you messing with it)

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well i messed with it to make it shrink in like that. i wanted you to be able to see where it was making contact with the ground. my main concern is can it be hurt like this ya know?


but what i think i might do is a combination of the two ideas. i will glue it to the little rock it's on right now and then bury that in the sand so it will stand upright. if this doesn't work i could also place that rock somewhere else in the tank up on the rest of the rocks. sound reasonable?

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ouch that's a really good point. i should seriously consider the rocks... i didn't even think of that.


thanks dude, i'll start arranging a spot for it

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a lot of people mount them up high in the back. look at the tank of the month on the homepage. DeMartini has her frogspawn mounted this way.


edit: she also has a 14 gallon biocube.

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aquamend it high on the rocks, near the back....in a place where it can act as a background for future corals. you dont want it touching other corals tho, so keep that in mind...


i would not leave it on the sand, although i have seen tanks where this has been done to good effect....that said, I wouldnt do it....


note, anytime you disturb frogspawn, it will receede and look frighteningly bad for a while, no worries.

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