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Sea Monster


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I just started cycling a 10 gallon aga. I just have some substrate and one rock to start. I have several hitchhickers including a Bristle worm and a couple of snails. I would appreciate some id's. I also have a creature, that covered itself in substrate, and is kind of under the rock. I have no idea what it looks like, but it has 2 clear tentacles, that are very thin, but can reach out 3 or 4 inches, then they can contract to just a 1/2 of an inch or so. Just out of curiosity, I put a tubiflex worm out in front of it, and it reached out and got it. Any ideas?




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+2...try to keep it alive. They are very good to have.


Ok on the snails, but I though fireworms were a no no for reefs?


Any thoughts on the unknown tentacled creature?

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the thing u speak of is a spaghetti worm. im 100% sure. I had the exact thing, in fact still looking at it currently. its fine. mine is actually getting bigger, well the substrate pile lol. its a more unique type tht sticks substrate to itself.

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