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Battery Backup question - Circuit City 50 % off Clearance


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I've seen folks on this board talk about battery backups for their tanks - in case of a power outage. Today - I saw a couple at Office Max - that were pretty bulky. The smaller ones only lasted about 15 minites - where the larger units only gave about 72 minutes of use?


Here's an example. 120.00 for a big sucker - and it says only 18 minutes of backup power?






What kindof backup batterys are you guys using - and how are you using them? Do they last alot longer for just a powerhead / filter / heaters / and or fans - while leaving the lights off during power outages?





***** Just wanted to let board members know - that select Circuit City locations are Clearing out the whole store. If you can find one local - the Backup Batteries are all selling for 50 % discount by me. Might be a good time to pick one up *****


I picked this puppy up for 35.00 out the door. All Sales are Final



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Shoot Me_I Explode

I have a APC 1500 UPS on my aquapod. The only thing I have running on the battey backup outlets is a maxi-jet 900 which the LCD says will run for about 16 hours. I've never needed it to run that long but that's what it says. The run times are measured in full load and half load so if you just hook a maxi-jet up to that ups it should run for several hours. That being said an UPS is not the best thing to use a battery backup as over time it will damage whatever you have hooked up to it. Do not even think about running a heater, filter or anything beside a small power head or a low power fan off it as the time will be drastically reduced.


Another option is to buy a sealed marine battery and build your own battery back up. There's a thread here if you search for it.


On my new tank I have a Ecotech Vortech mp40 with a battery backup which will run the pump for 30 hours and Ecotech says it will run a mp20 for up to 72 hours. If you want peace of mind of mind that is what I recommend.


For extended power outages you really need a generator or a battery air pump and a lot of batteries.

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Hi Jake


The time that the UPS will last depends on the load that you are running. I have a 1000 VA Tripplite UPS that my main pump & heater are running from. I think that if I run without lights or additional power heads for circulation during a power outage its no big thing. Because I am only running 65W at the worst case I expect that my UPS would run the tank for around 15 hours. If the outage is longer than this I will be looking for batteries to run an air pump... :o


Let us know what you decide to do.





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I picked up an APC 550 today from Circuit City closeout sale. Cost me 35 bucks after tax - I couldn't resist. That should handle any power outage we have in my area for just a powerhead.


If you're in the market and have one of the Circuit City stores closing shop - you can get 50 % off Battery Backup's for the next 10 days.

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Grab a $5 meter and find out just how long the ups you picked up will last!


Go to a local tool wharehouse or homedepot and pick up a kilowatt meter ... 5 to 20 or more for the fancy stuff, you only need a cheapy. You can plug in each piece individually to get a baseline per part and then plug in the whole tank, etc.. etc.. ... As far as UPS stating 18 min, 60, 120 etc...is based on load, look at the stats on a ups and it will tell you the effictive rating based on load and power consumption. use the result from the $5 meter and compare it to the UPS stat sheet and now you know...

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