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light acclimation failure?


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To those who can help,

I recently changed my coral from a 20gallon long tank to a nanocube 6 that i just set up last week. everything did fine for a little while, and everything else is doing amazingly (some polyps that never opened the whole time i had them jsut opened for the first time) except for my pulsing xenia seems to be having trouble adjusting. simply stated, its sort of wilting away and turning brownish. its not as close to the light as it was in my old tank. i was running a 65w PC on my 20, now its an 18w stock PC light over the 6 gallon. sorry the pic is bad, my camera doesnt seem to like the new tank either lol. but if you could give me any suggestions that would be great.


6 gallons

18 watt 50/50PC

1.025 salinity (exactly the same as other tank)


just checked:

NH4- 0

NH2- 0

nh3 0


thanks in advance!



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You could try and move it up the rockscape if you haven't done that already, but it's definitely starving for light if you droped the total light from 65W to 18W.

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Quite the opposite. You went from 65W to 18W. That a huge step down, and the coral is probably a little pissed that it's not getting the same amount of light anymore. It might adjust after a while, but I would move it up so it can get as much light as possible from that 18W bulb.


Water quality can piss off xenia also. If the tank is newly established and too clean, it can be irritated. It likes dirtier water.

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