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YWG larvae

Sexy Shrimp

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My pair routinely spawns but since I took the first batch of eggs (unsuccessfull rearing) they have laid in inaccessible places! Today at 2pm the male came out with a ball of eggs in his mouth. I watched while he rolled the ball round carefully releasing the larvae. There must have been 1000 larvae (much more than the first two times) and I immediately did a 10% water change (containing the larvae) and set up my rearing tank - A bit of a panic TBH...


So i now have a rearing tank with 150-200 YWG larvae and no rotifers cultured (and fish shop has none in stock). I am thus trying to feed them on completely pulverised flake food

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why don't you try feeding them Phytoplankton, selcon.. marine snow or even other types of Filter feeder food. maybe even greenwater you can follow the recepy used for betta fry... also don't remember where i heard this but dumping the dirty filter cartridge on the larva tank is suposed to be a good source of food (and nitrates i know) sounds really weird but hey... might work.

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Thats guys - they are getting what they are getting because it is all I have in :( Didn't expect them to survive.


13angels - Phytoplankton is too large for YWG but good idea about the marine snow (althought I don't use it). I have JBL coral vite which is similar to marine snow but more concentrated - maybe I should try a bit of that... Good thinking batman!

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Ta - read it already ;) the gobies have been breeding for a few months. This is only the second time I have managed to catch them though... I'm not too worried if they don't make it but if I rear them on flake OMG!

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31 hours old and probably half have been lost. The rest are looking mainly listless. All have no yolk sac left. The odd one seems to be swimming with purpose as if it is "hunting" the powdered flake but maybe it is just my eyes?

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It is now almost 48 hours since hatching and I have 11 larvae still alive. I have done a 50% water change and fed them.


My female is now cleaning her lair again - this is quick!

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Nearly 51 hours post hatch and I actually have 13 larvae not 10 (13 for the 13th lol). Took one out to look under the microscope and there is distinct pigment in its gut so it appears to be eating! Just wish the microscope I had at home was good enough to take pictures on :(

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Thanks annamarie!


OK I managed it... Here's the pics!






This is the view of the stomach where you can almost make out that it does actually have something in that belly!!






These are with a kids microscope and cameraphone lol!


If you compare the previous (blurry) images to the image below (1 day pre hatching) you can see that the stomach has developed internally and there is no yolk sac present now. In the last picture the stomach is a hollow, tiny void. Now it is almost as big as the larvae's eyes! Also if you compare the eyes there are now irises present - viewed side on you can see a distinct ring around the black pupil in the 2 day old larvae. My larvae are developing!



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dude this is sweet..... are u using a spone filter because im setting up a 20g and underneath in the stand i hav a 6g jbj to make in to a breeeding tank just curious :D

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Thats amazing Leanne! Just imagine if you had the correct food ready, you would have a much higher success rate. I can't believe your doing this with flake :lol:

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75 hours on and all that were there this morning are still there :)


I cannot believe that they are actually eating the pulverised flake. They are only supposed to be triggered to eat by movement - it's truely amazing! I have stated to add a few drops of Koral vite - figured it was probably smaller still than the powdered flake...


Have you tried baby brine shrimp? I'm rearing some compressisets (sp?) on them at the store with good sucess.




Unfortunatley the fish themselves are only the size of BBS... The only live food small enough is s-strain rotifers and it seems you can only get l-strain in the UK :(


Hopefully they will keep on doing OK as we are doing. If I manage to raise them to metamorphosis like this it will probably be a first!

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