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Another Goby question


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I asked this in my other post, but did not get an answer. Do the very small gobies have the same bioload impact as bigger?


In our Solana, we were planning on 5 fish, but if we got an Eviota goby, would we be able to get a pair of them and still be ok?


Also, would the little guys be ok with a tail spot or midas blenny, Perc clownfish, or a flasher wrasse?


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I have a Red Head Goby with no other fish, but i would believe the small gobies can hold their own after i saw mine slaughter the peppermint shrimp I put in there....

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Almost all fish have the same bioload, relative to their size. You could get more than one eviota because they are really small. However, blennies are sometimes territorial, and I don't know if one would attack the eviota.

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My tail-spot wouldnt hurt a fly.....I have mine with tiny trimma gobies. A midas might be different as they get quite large.




p.s. This is my second tail-spot, the first one was just as docile until he decided to explore the back chamber of my nanocube and proceed to bury himself in the filter floss :(

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