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34 Gallon Black Hole Reef


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So...Updated pictures. tell me what you think :)






excuse the ######ty picture quality. i just figured out how to take better pictures. but....yeah havent got around to it. plus ive changed the aquascape since then these pictures.

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Looks good! I like the aquascape the way it is...post pix of the new one :P


Looking good, but what's with the black hole title? Money disappearing into it? :P

sounds like my 3 tanks lol

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oh yeah. i forgot to post the tank specs:



34 gallon solana.

Stock skimmer.

rotating powerhead and hydor flo rotating head.

DIY kalk drip with kalk mixed at 1 teaspoon per gallon.

DIY refuge with a small handful of chaeto with a 7 watt flourescent from wal mart.

25 pounds maybe a little more of liverock.

20 pounds of live sand.





1 Blue Chromis

1 Fire Fish



Green Polyp (about inch across)

Kenyan Tree

Green Star Polyps

Blue and Green Mushrooms

Rainbow Riccordia

Sun Coral



1 Emerald Crab

One or Two Peppermint Shrimp

Numerous hermit Crabs

Numerous Smails including One huge Turbo is clumsy and knocks everything over

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ok well ive had a green film on the rocks for awhile now. only the rocks not the sand...some kind of diatom?

do you think it will fade or is it a problem with something im doing? my nitrates and nitrites are ok last time i tested. on a sidenote im getting nice corraline growth coming :) dripping kalk really made that take off

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beautiful tank!! I love the cave, and all the clean space in front of it. lots of room for some pretty ricordea :)


Your fish selection reminds me of mine when I first started my tank... but alas.. my little chromis has passed on :(



what kind of light do you have on the tank?

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looks really good, lots of room for the corals to grow, and great pictures too. and your not overstocking GREAT. hows feeding the sun coral everyday? thinking about getting one for the 80cube but it might be more work than its worth.

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i actually think that the suncoral is part of the algae problem...all the excess nutrients. im thinking about selling it back to one of my lfs. i like it lots but yeahhh. all the uneaten food isnt fun.

also moved the ricordia into the shade.

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yay! pom pom crab is what i got yesterday :)

he is being all shy right now but hopefully give it a couple days and he will get comfortable so i can get a picture.

sun coral is gone... <_< but i wasnt feeding right and i think some if not all of my algae problems come from its feeding. also doing a bigger water change than normal today. well we will see what happens...

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