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Don't overlook this...


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That style of lighting hasn't taken off over here (spotlighting that is). Really popular in Asia (Japan specifically). Aquatic Life has a few new HID fixtures that use a spotlight effect, but different bulbs. Maybe that style will start to pick up.

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This hobby has people obsessed with all the new-fangled gadgets that come out for reefing. They dive in head first with no real concrete evidence or experience as to whether or not it really is the best thing for your tank.


That bulb has a regular base in it. If memory serves me right, it will also run off a 70w DE ballast. Now all you need is a desk lamp with a big enough bell on it and you have a totally custom desk standing metal halide lamp.

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I'm not arguing that it has its uses, but if I remember correctly, it has a pretty narrow beam. Could be good for a pico, or something with a small footprint, if you like a 20K look of course. But you could also do a full MH DIY for the same price as just that bulb.


Would be nice if they listed which model it is on the website. Iwasaki has a 25 and 77 degree version.


Here is the link if anyone is interested.

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Oh, yeah I'm not arguing. And I've seen what is being done with LEDs and it's impressive.


The bulb has some cool benefits. It fits in a standard base, requires no reflector, and puts out some massive light.


You could put it one of of those clip-on desk type lamps iirc.


Just wanted to throw that out there.

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