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Please help me pick an external return pump


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I was farting about with the head loss calculator on RC as well as running my own calculations (my head now hurts) on the total head loss I will face with my new plumbing setup so I can figure out what pump to get. RC came up with one # and I came up with another. My number is 20 total feet and theirs is 13.5 so I am not sure who is right.


My math (vastly simplified from the actual math done) is as follows:


Vertical distance of 48" + Horizontal distance of 48" == 8'

Reduction of pipe size from 1" to 3/4" == 2.5'

4 x 90* turns at 1.25' per turn == 5'

3 x union joins at 0.5' per join == 1.5'

1 x ball valves at 0.5' per ball valve == .5'

1 x 4 way cross connector at 1' == 1'

3 x gate valves at 0.5' per gate = 1.5'

Total: 20'


Theirs: I have no bloody idea


which leads me to the following pump choices as I want to get between 600 and 800 gph back up to the tank, feed a chiller at 160 gph, and a frag tank at 200 gph all from the same 3/4" line.


The gate valves will be used on the 4 way to regulate flow to the main tank, frag tank, and chiller. The ball valve will be used to shut off water flow to the outlet on the tank. The union's are for disconnecting things for maintenance.


Poseidon PS3

Panworld 150PS

Panworld 200PS

Iwaki 40RLT

Iwaki MD55RLT


Key decision points are first lowest noise possible second total GPH pushed third limited to these pumps so please no Quiet One's, Enheims etc.


Your thoughts please?

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No head loss when going horizontal. Although smaller pipe diameter will have more pressure but also has more resistance to the flow (less GPH).


A good starting point is take the height from the pump and the output. Use that height as a base line.


I don't know the math behind all the turns and stuff. I do know 90* turns are pretty damaging to GPH as the mass of water has to change direction. Using the 45's is a better route.


Hope that gives a little more insight. Sorry I can't help you calculate the exact head pressure.

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No worries. Actually I made a big boo boo on this! I was looking at velocity of flow for the tank and not thinking about turn over and what the sump/fuge was for. A common N00B mistake. :)


As it turns out I need NO WHERE near the amount of flow I originally thought I did nor did I need the pressure I thought I did to overcome head loss. After running the numbers again I could make do with a Mag 9.5 if I wanted to but will most likely go with a Poseidon 4 or a Panworld 100px.

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