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which one?


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From what i've seen of the pricing here in Montreal, here are 2 options in the same price range i'm considering for now:


Aquapod 12g:





Nano-cube 15.5g:



I have 2 questions:


1) Anybody actually know what brand of nano is that (2nd option), is it something simply uncommon, or they simply have use the true size of the tank isnt of the common nano-cube 14g name? I find it odd that i didnt found any nano-cube 15.5g here on nano-reef since most of the stock this lfs have in stock is usually something i'll find plenty of review on over here.


2) Considering both description, which one would you lean toward, with their respective pricing? Granted, i'll most certainly do an upgrade in lightning on both, even though i'm going to keep mostly zoos and shroms...(but well... i know this might not last long)


Feel free too point me out some other possibilities. My choice isnt set because i'm afraid i could miss on a choice i didnt think off. Have considered some online buying, but the price of shipping usually just bring anything i'd like as a nano absolutly out of reach (i.e. something of 150$ goes to 230$ in ... U.S, so it's not exactly attractive anymore).


Let me know, i'm sure there are plenty of opinions of both systems here that will most certainly help me choose.


Thanks (and sorry for my english, i'm speaking mostly in french)

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Well JBJ- the company responsible for the real "Nano Cubes" doesn't make a 15.5g model so it'ds a knock-off, and shouldn't be trusted.

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Thanks you, so it's a dms700. At least now, i can look it up with the true name.


As for the lightning, the difference between 36w and 54w isnt a huge + considering i'll want to upgrade it regardless.


I've found a biocube14 for like 320$ online... so that gives you an idea how much it can cost over here sometimes...


any other opinions?


thanks btw,

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