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JBJ nano....any retros done yet?


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Has anyone installed an extra light in one of these yet? What size could you fit in it? I've got a CSL 32 watt laying around and wanted to know if I could fit in in with the stock light.



Thanks, John

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Not sure what will fit.... I just bought one.. and I have a 32watt on my 7.5 bow... I don't think it will fit... I will do some checking and let you know....

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yo john if i were you i'd turn bolw fans so that they blow in the same direction. otherwise you won't benifit form having to fans as you wont be moving more air, just the same air twice. if bopth fans blow in the same direction (lets say pushing in) then you will push twice as much air though the hood. or pull twice as much air if you flip them around.

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