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i seen a crazy thing IN my lr?

deacon hemp

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Today while adding frags to my friends minibow i dropped in some food for the cleanup crew cause he never feeds it,and i spotted the weirdest invert ever!in a crevise in the lr i seen this little arm come out.At first i thought he had a serpent star hitchicker but after further inspection it wasnt!.the lr it was in has holes in it underneath where the arm came out there was a whitish blob,then above theres another hole with this spotted arm coming out and the tip has a little hand like feeder that was reaching for food.If anybody has seen or knows what this may be i'd be thankful for an i.d.?


i'll take pics if i can tomorrow!

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hmmmmmm? tommorrow i'll be taking a pic of this beast, i think i'll be able to get one.weirdest thing i have seen in a reef tank yet!For a short time when we first spotted it we thought it was a baby bimac or squid or sumthin! LOL

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